Changing User Account Password using Hidden SYSTEM Account

OK now most of us must have already searched the Internet for changing the password of a User Account in Windows XP. The most common solution we encounter is using the " net user * " command. Although this method is the most preferred & stable one, it only allows you to change just the password. Now there’s one more method which exploits a bug in XP to access the hidden "SYSTEM" account which has no limits to the user rights whatsoever. Here’s how you go about it :

#NOTE:You need administrative rights to perform this tweak.

  • Goto Start >> Run and enter "cmd", the command prompt opens
  • Enter "at" and you will probably get the following text:
    There are no entries in the list.

    Let’s make a change in that…

  • Enter :
    at time+1 min /interactive cmd

    e.g: "at 14:15 /interactive cmd" (when the time is 14:14)

  • If done correctly, this message will appear:
    Added a new job with job ID = 1
  • Now when the next minute goes in, you will get this :


  • Now enter :
    taskkill /f /im explorer.exe

    to kill explorer.exe

  • Restart Explorer by typing "explorer.exe".
  • Explorer restarts and you’ll be in the SYSTEM account… feel free to change anything you want because the account does not have any limits!

NOTE: In order to make this hack work, make sure that the Task Scheduler service is ON.


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  1. Nice one ..CHAMP
    It has really helped me to get rid out of the cage in my college…!!!

  2. Nice ..1 dude
    Guru says Lolz….

  3. What is an example of something a person could do with this information? Please gives numerous examples and details. TIA & great site!

    • pedanticgeek

      This is a tweak which can be used when you have two accounts (including the Administrator account) and you want to modify it but have forgotten its password because you seldom use it…

  4. nice one bro… -> hari

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