Increasing Broadband Connection Speed (Win XP)

This tweak helps to speed up the Internet connection speed by configuring a special buffer in the computer's memory in order to enable it to better deal with interrupts made from the NIC or the USB modem.

#NOTE: This tip is recommended only if you have 256MB RAM or higher.

Step 1. Identify the IRQ used by the NIC/USB modem. Follow these steps :

  1. Open the System Information tool by running MSINFO32.EXE from the Run command.
  2. Expand System Summary > Hardware Resources > IRQs.
  3. Look for the listing made for your NIC (in my case – Atheros Communications Inc.(R) L2 Fast Ethernet Driver).
  4. Note the IRQ next to the specified line (in my case – IRQ 17).

In case of USB modems you will first need to find the right USB device used by your modem. Follow these steps :

  1. Open the Device Manager tool by running DEVMGMT.MSC from the Run command (or by right-clicking My Computer > Hardware tab > Device Manager button).
  2. Scroll down to Universal Serial Bus controllers and expand it.
  3. Right-click the USB Root Hub and select Properties. Note that you might need to do so for all listed USB Root hubs (if there are more than one) in order to find the right one.
  4. In the Power tab, look for your USB ADSL modem.
  5. In the Resources tab look for the assigned IRQ (in this case – IRQ 17). This is the IRQ we're looking for.

#NOTE: IRQs and modem names might vary…

Step 2. Modify the system.ini file. Follow these steps:

  1. Run 'msconfig' from the Run command.
  2. Click on the SYSTEM.INI tab
  3. Click on [386enh] to highlight it.
  4. Click on New and type the following line in the new box that is created :
    where X is the designated IRQ number we found in Step 1, in my case it's IRQ 17.

    #NOTE: This line is case sensitive.

  5. Click Apply >> OK
  6. Reboot your computer.

Done. Speed improvement will be noticed after the computer reboots.


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