Achieving Maximum Possible Compression in WinRAR

In today’s age of the internet, file transfer is a common practice. However, to speed up the transfer, we compress the files since smaller files get transferred faster. The most common format used is the ZIP file. Later, when WinRAR came out, it attracted many web users because of its better compression ratio than the former WinZIP. As a result, although ZIP files are still widely used, RAR files have a higher priority.

After searching for about an hour on Google, I still couldn’t find a better way to compress files to the max in WinRAR. So, I assume that until someone corrects me or gives me a better suggestion, I would use the following settings for WinRAR to attain the maximum possible compression. Here’s how to go about it :

  1. Start WinRAR.
  2. Press Ctrl+S to open the Settings dialog box.
  3. Go to Compression tab & click on ‘ Create default… ‘ to create a compression profile.


    The settings made hereafter apply to all RAR files created using the ‘ Add to filename.rar ‘ option.

  4. Select archive format as RAR, compression method as Best and tick the ‘Create solid archive’ checkbox.


  5. Go to Advanced tab & click on ‘ Compression… ‘


  6. Apply the settings as highlighted in the image below :


Click OK on all windows till you reach the main window to apply the settings. You’re done… 🙂

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