Fix Mediafire upload problems whilst using Kaspersky

Most of us nowadays upload files over the internet to share them with others. This saves a lot of hard drive space & also we don’t have to worry about the files getting misplaced. A quick Google search will give a long list of file hosting services. Popular ones include Rapidshare, Megaupload, Filefactory, Mediafire etc.

I use Mediafire for uploading files. It allows maximum upload speed for your connection as well as download speed. The cool part is, we don’t have to wait before downloading any file as is the case with other file hosting websites. One of the best file hosting websites for the average internet user IMO.

Just a few weeks back, I installed Kaspersky AntiVirus 2009. Being a first timer with KAV, I never knew about its conflicts and over-security hype with other applications. Seriously, even though it’s a good antivirus, sometimes it makes you go WTF! when it blocks a game from loading since it detects it as a keylogger. Why you ask? Because the game waits for keyboard input in order to skip intro sequences. This annoying feature of majority of the antivirus applications is called Heuristic Detection.

As can be expected, this even interferes when you upload files. I was uploading a 100MB file on Mediafire. When I started the upload, the progress shooted up to 80% in mere seconds! Normally, uploading a 100MB file takes around an hour on my broadband connection. At first, I couldn’t figure out what caused this weird problem. I checked Mediafire support to find a solution and found out that KAV interferes with Mediafire uploads. The suggested workaround was to enable the Pause protection… option whilst the uploads are in progress. Now, this setting is a killer. Your PC is vulnerable to malicious attacks from the Web. So, for me this solution wasn’t a feasible approach.

I checked out Kaspersky forums to find a better approach. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one facing this problem. As a reply, one of the forum members suggested to disable the port scan of the HTTP port 80. Consequently, another member quoted that even though this method fixes the problem, disabling port 80 scan will open access for malicious attacks through this port. As a result, KAV won’t be able to detect infections “on-the-fly”.

After tweaking with the settings for a few days, I finally found a feasible workaround. The trick here is to add Mediafire to the list of trusted URLs. Now, many of you must have known this, but sadly, I didn’t find any mention about this on the internet. In case anyone doesn’t know how to do this, follow the steps described below.

  1. Start KAV. Click on Web Traffic >> Settings…

    Step 1

  2. Click on Settings… in the Web Traffic section.

    Step 2

  3. Click on Add new item

    Step 3

  4. Type in http://** in the box that appears.

    Step 4

  5. Finally, click OK / Apply in subsequent windows.

Done. Now, you can keep the protection enabled as well as upload files to Mediafire without any problems.

NOTE: This setting should also work in KIS; though I don’t use it. If any of you use KIS, please try it and let me know.


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