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Fix Mediafire upload problems whilst using Kaspersky

Most of us nowadays upload files over the internet to share them with others. This saves a lot of hard drive space & also we don’t have to worry about the files getting misplaced. A quick Google search will give a long list of file hosting services. Popular ones include Rapidshare, Megaupload, Filefactory, Mediafire etc.

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Achieving Maximum Possible Compression in WinRAR

In today’s age of the internet, file transfer is a common practice. However, to speed up the transfer, we compress the files since smaller files get transferred faster. The most common format used is the ZIP file. Later, when WinRAR came out, it attracted many web users because of its better compression ratio than the former WinZIP. As a result, although ZIP files are still widely used, RAR files have a higher priority.

After searching for about an hour on Google, I still couldn’t find a better way to compress files to the max in WinRAR. So, I assume that until someone corrects me or gives me a better suggestion, I would use the following settings for WinRAR to attain the maximum possible compression. Here’s how to go about it :

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A Speed Tweak in Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Internet Download Manager aka IDM is one of the most popular download managers today. The best part about it which I like is that it reuses the available connection to start a new connection thereby avoiding excess memory usage. Now, consider a case wherein the server from which you’re downloading the file offers say 10 connections for segmentation purposes. However, if you see the download progress window, you see that only eight connections (numbered 0-7) are actually active. Why?? Because that is the default setting. However, if you’ve messed around with its settings, you’d probably know how to change this behavior. For those who don’t, here’s how you do it :

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