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Removing a virus by actually running it

In my previous post, I have described a method to detect whether your portable drive is infected or not. If you follow this type of practice or scan your portable drive before opening it, most of time you’re safe. But now, assume that your PC is already infected due to some reason (maybe Lady Luck had a grudge against you :P). You probably don’t know what the virus does or at least not even know where its source resides in the infected machine. So, what should be done in such a case? My method… run the virus in your machine!! (WTF!!!) Yes, I’m serious. To know how, read on…

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Detecting a USB drive infection before viewing its contents

Nowadays, most of the viruses/worms spread via USB drives. So, now if your USB drive is infected and if you double-click it to open it… BOOM the virus enters your drive. Unless your AntiVirus is updated till date, you don’t have any means to identify whether there exists an infection in your USB drive. Even if your AntiVirus IS updated, chances are that the virus/worm is a new one and your AntiVirus doesn’t have any record of it. So how do you decide whether your USB drive’s infected or not without relying on your AntiVirus??

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Convert Guest Account to Administrator in Windows XP

Ever wondered if the Guest account in Windows XP could be given administrative access?? Well, technically speaking… yes.

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Changing User Account Password using Hidden SYSTEM Account

OK now most of us must have already searched the Internet for changing the password of a User Account in Windows XP. The most common solution we encounter is using the " net user * " command. Although this method is the most preferred & stable one, it only allows you to change just the password. Now there’s one more method which exploits a bug in XP to access the hidden "SYSTEM" account which has no limits to the user rights whatsoever. Here’s how you go about it :

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Increasing Broadband Connection Speed (Win XP)

This tweak helps to speed up the Internet connection speed by configuring a special buffer in the computer's memory in order to enable it to better deal with interrupts made from the NIC or the USB modem.

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Disabling Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (Win XP)

Wgatray.exe is a process which provides a notification system for Windows Genuine Advantage product validation software. This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. It also consumes upto 50% CPU usage at startup… but this is just for a few seconds, so it hardly makes a difference.

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