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Convert Guest Account to Administrator in Windows XP

Ever wondered if the Guest account in Windows XP could be given administrative access?? Well, technically speaking… yes.

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Changing User Account Password using Hidden SYSTEM Account

OK now most of us must have already searched the Internet for changing the password of a User Account in Windows XP. The most common solution we encounter is using the " net user * " command. Although this method is the most preferred & stable one, it only allows you to change just the password. Now there’s one more method which exploits a bug in XP to access the hidden "SYSTEM" account which has no limits to the user rights whatsoever. Here’s how you go about it :

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Disabling Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (Win XP)

Wgatray.exe is a process which provides a notification system for Windows Genuine Advantage product validation software. This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. It also consumes upto 50% CPU usage at startup… but this is just for a few seconds, so it hardly makes a difference.

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